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You just never know a person's struggles and/or goals... one thing is for certain, I won't be discouraged by hardships. I will make my dreams come true...

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Trending Entertainment Updates

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The Straight Outta Compton saga continues...

While many are still giving their reviews on Straight Outta Compton......

other media sources have another story in mind.. The Suge Knight allegedly admitting to infecting the late Eazy-E with infected HIV blood storyline. CLICK HERE!! 

Is this true? I will let you come to your own conclusion. For the video, Click Here


Is it the End of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mills?? CLICK HERE!!!
Now not only does Meek Mill have the shame of releasing such wack diss tracks taking shots at Drake....
Is it true that Meek and Nicki are officially over?? Guess we will see when the Pink Print Tour Ends...
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What happened to Sandra Bland?

The Sandy Bland Case
#BlackLivesMatter #SandySpeaks
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We may never know what really happened to the late Sandra Bland, but one thing is certain, the situation definately opened some eyes.DutyFreeAffiliates

 How did such a simple traffic stop turn into such a tragedy?
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DutyFreeAffiliates  How could her charge be for resisting arrest, when the officer made it clear she was going in way before she even got out of the car? DutyFreeAffiliates  How can a person hang themself with a disposable trash bag?   DutyFreeAffiliates 
Since when are trash bags even in inmates cell in the first place? 

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So many questions, and so little answers. Family members claim they are sure there was foul play as Bland would never commit suicide. The facts just don't add up..

Take a look at the latest Sandra Bland Update and come to your own conclusion.

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