Lil Wayne Vs Young Thug

It never fails that everytime an album is released, it's dropped amongst disses and beefs. I personally, feel its all about publicity..  keeping oneself relevant..
As it's said, all publicity is good publicity, and the media, of course, will blow every thing out of porportion, yet who's to say what's real and what's not?
Take the Lil Wayne/Young Thug "Beef"....
Quite frankly, I don't know who could take Young Thug serious.. 
How many straight guys go out of their way to look the part.....
Call their same sex friends "Babe" and "Hubby"...
But declare they like the opposite sex?

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Contrary to how the gay rumors are hyped in stating Young Thug is the first to come out as Gay in the Hip Hop industry, I believe he may just be the first to throw the subliminal messages associated with his actions so blatently amoungst those susceptible to his influence, but is not the first gay rapper....  

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When Young Thug first came out, he declared that Lil Wayne is his idol... it's quite clear as Young Thug not only mimics Lil Wayne's style, but also tries to sound exactly like him!  
Now moving on to Lil Wayne..

I'm sure everyone remembers this infamous pic....

Rumors are speculating the "beef" is a result of Lil Wayne leaving Cash Money and Young Thug trying to fill his shoes under Baby. (lol) Literally...

If you ask me, the motives all serve the same purpose...
Don't believe the hype, and know to whom you serve..

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Straight Outta Compton

The Straight Outta Compton Saga Continues...

I must say, in watching the movie, it was a great movie! I can't speak to much on some of the scenes... all except one of the "crying scenes" could've been better delivered better, but overall enjoyed the movie as a whole.
To be honest though... I'm wondering about some of the scenes that have been publicly discussed... 

            Such as....

                                    and we all know how that ended...  Lucky Red Casino 
but back to Straight Outta Comptan...

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What about all the conspiracy theories on the origins of Eazy E contracting HIV?? 
   Besides that, I'm personally trying to figure out how does Michel'Le fits in the equation?? 

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Hmmm... maybe we will see a sequel with the way it ended... 

I'll let you come to your own conclusions.. something we all can agree on is... some things just don't add up...
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Doc McStuffin and Michelle Obama

The Doc is In...

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My 4 year old daughter absolutely loves Disneys' Doc McStuffings and on October 5, we will get to see our first lady appear on this popular show.

Comments made by Empire co-creater may just cost him $10 millions dollars...

Sean Paul sues Empire Co-Creator Lee Daniels

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Penn claims Daniels comments about him where "reckless and malicious"... 
For more on the article: Click Here
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Its official... K Michelle may just be crazy...

Straight from Media Takeout....
One minute it was screw Idris right??

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Checkout her letter....
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