Illuminati Eye Rituals pt 3: Bushwick Bill

Bushwick Bill: Geto Boys...

Why is everyone in the industry so unhappy??The words from the man himself... Bushwick Bill Click Here


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Before the madness... 

Bushwick Bill is well known for being in the rap group, Geto Boys [1990].
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Born Richard Shaw in Kingston, Jamaica This well-known rapper joined the Geto Boys in 1988 making a name for himself, not because of his dwarfism, but because of his unique voice.


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In May of
1991, Bushwick forced his then 17-year-old girlfriend to help him commit
suicide by having her shoot him. The attempt was unsuccessful in that he didn’t
lose his life, but lost his right eye.

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Bill is now a Christian rapper , and
recently commented on R&B singer Houston Summers after his failed suicide

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Houston Summers

Houston attempted suicide by jumping from a 13th floor hotel room while overseas in London. After being restrained by security personnel and locked in his room, Houston gouged his eye out. It was reported later that Summers had been under psychiatric supervision for bipolar disorder, and has an addiction to the drug PCP.  For more on Houston, Click Here for the Eye Rituals pt 2.

Crazy or another sacrifice??
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The Hip hop agenda....  

Make your own conclusion..