Charlie Sheen HIV coverage...

Has anyone else noticed how the scandal surrounding Charlie Sheen has all but faded into the background??

Story leaded BEFORE the Sheen interview..

When I saw this interview with Sheen's secret confession... I knew there would be more to follow..
November 17, 2015
According to his interview, Sheen has been HIV positive for years...

that didn't stop his very active sex life; however, as several women claim they were never informed of his status.
Leak Update!! November 18, 2016
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Official Press Statement:

Disturbingly enough is not that this is supposedly an "open-secret" in Hollywood... but that even this released statement is still LYING!!

Isn't this against the law?? I mean, besides being sued, that is a criminal negligence to jeopardize the life of unknowing victims...

Why haven't there been any mentions of criminal charges among the civil repercussions??

Some of Sheen's known "relationships" as reported...

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