Gucci Mane CLONED!!! #Gucciclone

Since his release from prison, every where you go, you can hear that Gucci Mane is a clone...

Have you ever noticed, when an artist wants to promote an agenda (usually an album), controversy is the key in promotions??

The backstory:
In 2014, Gucci Mane aka Radric Davis, was sentenced to serve 3 years and three months after pleading guilty to a federal firearms charge.

May 26, 2016:
Girlfriend sends the message to the public...

Gucci Mane returns early..

and boy has he changed... or is this all part of the act...  hmmm....

so what he has dropped some much needed pounds.. That doesn't mean he's a clone.
Reminder: He has been out of the public eye for years, so it's not like he just woke up one day skinny.

And so what he came out thinking he the next Bryant Gumble.. Let that man play his role and entertain YOU!!

This post was not to add to the theories, debunk theories, nor make accusations. Obviously being fascinated over someone being a clone, someone you may never in your life meet, is doing nothing for any cause!! I know most just want the likes and exposure from the topic...
just be aware...
IF these celebs are clones, which I could care less.. some are only feeding into their agenda. IJS

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Orlando Shooting

  50 killed in shooting at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida
Omar Mir Seddique Mateen

Everywhere you look, you see this horrific incident as the "orlando gay shooting". Quickly statements are being made to introduce to the media the produced "hate crime", yet not one report I have read has been able to pin point that should this be a hate crime... why?

According to Mateen's father in response to the shooting, he stated to the press that his son had seen two homosexual men kissing months ago, and that upset him...

Note: The father never mentioned any other incidents of homophobia. The father never mentioned even after such a broad statement, that HE felt this was a hate crime motivated.

What if.. just what if this was no random occurance. What if this tragedy was provoked for political merits for a specific agenda...

 In President's Obama's speech following the shooting, there is no mention of ISIS or any valuable information . One would think BEFORE releasing official statements from the White House, more FACTS would be available... He does make sure to stress that this is an act of terrorism

Fun fact: Obama's views of Homosexual Rights:

At the beginning of his administration, Obama made it clear that he does not support gay marriages.. Over the course of the years; however, you can not help but notice the contradictions. Obama's Gay Marriage Evolution

More "information" was released...
In the midst of total confusion, the media releases even more odd statements. They are now making connections to this tragedy and ISIS...
...though they still can not make any connections.

The FBI made sure to also release statements stating that Mateen has been under investigation since 2012; however, they have no evidence to validate that he is actually affiliated with ISIS. Even the so-called publication that is allegedly from ISIS connecting Mateen to them is suspect, (certain translated words are inconsistent with the language), but you won't hear that over all the media coverage.
There may never be answers uncovered to why this man decided to cause such pain to innocent people; however, we can open our eyes and see where this tragedy will lead.

to be continued...

Summer Fest 16

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